Navos MT


On a total area of 2 250 m2 we have production equipment and technologies for piece, custom, small series machine production and repairs of your components and prototypes. We provide our technology to our customers to make their patents, improvements and components real. Our production includes material provisions of diverse qualities of profiles and lengths of profiled rods and sheets on an area of 121 m2. We usually keep construction steel in heat treated quality such as 16MnCr5, 42CrMo4, 15NiCr13 as well as tool-quality steel 90MnCrV8, 62SiMnCr4, …, forgings and other …

We produce our components based on provided documents, drawings, samples, or we can prepare our own, or improved design documents as per provided documents. We also offer transport up to 3.5 tons to our services.

We process usual steel, tempered and hardened steel, titanium, hard to process materials, coatings such as chrome, nickel, aluminium alloys, cast iron, stainless steel and polymers. We provide complete tempering, annealing, heat treating, tempering, cementing, hardening, nitriding and diverse coatings, such as nickel, chrome, phosphate, zinc, anodization, blackening, … We paint our components in our own facilities.

We also offer our customers complex processing services of the most complicated components and shapes to their satisfaction while complying with the highest possible quality and hard to access surfaces with a thermal coating. We can declare this by means of a protocol from our metering centre equipped with a certified 3D coordinate measuring equipment ZEISS CONTURA G2 and other.

We have produced all types of components, such as:

Shafts, pins, flanges, bayonets, cams, prisms, boards, gauges, calibres, belt pulleys, chain wheels, gears of all types, spur, helical, hypoid and worm gears, ring gears, gearboxes, weldments, clamping jaws, clamping jigs, pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanic, cutting and bending press dies, 3D surfaces, dies, forms, exact calibres, special gauges, control elements and other components requested by our customers.


Machine fleet

Electric CNC wire cutting
FANUC α- 1iD4-axesX= 600Y= 400Z= 310Ra 0,1μm
Max. workpiece dimensions 1050 x 770 x 300 mm
CNC milling
DMU 80T monoblock5-axesX= 880Y= 630Z= 630TNC 530
WH10 CNC4-axesX= 1245Y= 880Z= 880+W= 680TNC 530i
DMC 650V3-axesX= 650Y= 520Z= 475TNC 640
Conventional milling
WKV 100X= 1400Y= 1000Z=1000
WHN94-axesX= 1250Y= 900Z=1000+W=680
Internal cooling for deep cannon drilling M1
FA4AVX= 1200Y= 440Z= 410
FA5VX= 1200Y= 440Z= 410
FGS 32/40X= 1000Y= 400Z= 450
CNC lathing
HAAS SL 40 4-oséD= 680L= 1118C, U, max. 408kg
SKQ 8 CNC with grinding*D= 1000L= 600
Classical lathing
SV 18R
SN63D= 630L= 1500
Flat grinding
BRH 20.05X= 600Y= 200
BRV 300X= 1000Y= 310
AMSLER LC400D= 400
Round grinding
BHU32D= 320L= 1000
BUA 32D= 320L= 1000
BUA 25D= 250L= 1000
BHU50D= 500L= 2010max. 300kg
Grinding of holes
Si6/1ASx500D= 600
FROMAG RA50_425HUB 425 mm
KOMMYHAP 7A420(730)HUB 200 mm
Sawing of material
Portal crane5 ton
Micro marking machine PROPEN P3000(plain, cylinder, inclined surface)
Cutting threads
Thread cutter ROSCAMAT 500(M3-M24, UNC,...)
Hand and maschine cutting(UNC, UNF, NPTF, G, R,...)


Manufacturing of gears

External milled gears
FO16spur and helical gears(m20, D= 1600)
FO25*spur and helical gears(m25, D= 2000)
FO6, FO8spur and helical gears, shafts
(FO6, FO8)Screw cogs(m8, D= 430)
ZFW VG 250/4x2000- WANDERERspur, helical and worm gears (one and more course, grooving)(m6, L= 2000, D= 250)
GLEASON PFAUTER P4000*(m30, D= 4000)
Internal shaped gears
OH16, OH50A(m1-8, D= 500)
GLEASON P1200S*(m12/24, D= 1200)
Cylindrical gears
SPIROMATIC-SKM2hypoid cylindrical gears(m n =8,5, m c =13, D=560)
ZFTK 250x6, GLEASONcylindrical gears with spur cogs(m7, D= 250)
GLEASON 250cylindrical gears with spur cogs(m6)
Grinding of gears
NILES ZSWZ 315spur and helical (small disc d200mm)(m1-6, D= 315, HUB 120 mm)
NILES ZSTZ 630 C3spur and helical gears
modified barrel-shaped cogs
(m12, HUB 220mm)
REISHAUER –FKA 336-10Big series cogs(m6)
GLEASON 1500G TITAN*spur and helical gears(m25)
Grinding of groove shafts
SFKP 400x1000 direct side grooving(1 - 1000mm)


Other services

Welding - CO2, TIG and soldering
Manufacturing, repairs and modification of mechanical components, jigs, tools and gauges
Ironwork, deburring, pressing and installation of jigs and gearboxes
straightening shafts
thermal processing
design and drawing of construction documents and models in Pro-engineer, Creo 3.0
*cooperation with direct partners