Navos MT


To ensure a high quality and precision of our production, we own our own metering centre with a three-coordinate metering equipment ZEISS CONTURA G2 equipped with a scanning head, height meter, slide callipers of diverse lengths, calibres and etalons, micro meters, bore gauge, pasameter, parallel gauges and others.

Material quality control is provided by fixed hardness tester ROCKWELL HRc and a portable durometer LM500 HB, HRc, HV for big components, with a USB port.

The ZEISS CONTURA G2 is equipped with a cog measuring module enabling us to cover your cog needs as well. Each grinded cog is provided with a measurement protocol providing evidence of the quality level required in the technical documents.

We can thus provide you with a measurement protocol and a certificate of required quality for all the components manufactured for you.

Carriage dimensions: X =1 000mm, Y =1 200mm, Z= 800mm, precision: 2.23µm and table capacity of 1 150kg.




To continually improve and maintain internal processes, we are using a certified quality management system in the field custom machinery production, clamping jigs, gearing, gearboxes, locksmithery and tool sharpening pursuant to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard. The certificates were issued by the CeMS, s. r. o. certification company.