Navos MT


As a former department of the tool shop of the heavy machinery works ZŤS, which provided sharpening and renovation of tools, we still use our expertise of many years in sharpening for the needs of our production and offer these services to our customers.

We focus on sharpening and re-sharpening classical drills, deep drills, reamers, reamer drills, circulation discs, disc, crown ring gears and shank cutters and mills, lathing knives, hobs, center drills, driftpins, broaches, … We modify atypical shapes on drills and mills, such as diverse angles, radiuses, lightening and combinations thereof, necks, removals and profiles for grooving and cogs.

For these modifications, we use optical overexposure of the provided contour on the Swedish machine Jungner US-350 with an optical magnification of 10:1 or 25:1.

To produce atypical tools and diverse diameters, we have our own tool warehouse. We mainly sharpen material such as HSS, Radeco, TK plates and special hard metal material, for which we can also provide PVD coating (TiN, TiAlN, KTRN). Sharpening services also include sharpening of scissors, kitchen knives, surgical equipment, chisels, axes and other tools, assembly and bonding of stones for honing heads and production of special tool holders.

For the production of cogs, we have special equipment for sharpening hobs, shaping wheels, complete milling heads for production of bevel miter and eloid shaped cogs, such as ZFTK or SPIROMATIK.

For many years, we have been sharpening broaches for our partners from the automotive industry, such as VW, ZWL, MAR SK. We resharpen only the face of the cog, thus leaving the entire profile of the broach unchanged.

Our sharpening extends the useful lifetime of your broaching machine.

Each cog of the broach is individually assessed and sharpened per need, anyhow no less than 0.05 mm, exactly as much as the blunted or splintered cog requires to reacquire its original sharpness. The advantage when compared with CNC sharpening is that we do not sharpen all cogs to the same level and thus the broach is equally sharp, but the cogs are stronger and the tool can thus be 25 – 35 % more sharpening cycles.

We also offer services such as straightening of broaches and pressing out pieces stuck on the broach.

We cooperate with suppliers of standard tools such as SANDVIK and SECO to manufacture prototype holders for milling and lathing.



Grinders for tools sharpening